People Solutions

We believe that organizations that are successful are organizations that have people at the heart of their business: organizations which are able to capture and synergise individuals creativity and talent, inspirations and hopes, organizations which can break through the paradigm and build a new relationship with their employees.
Your HR function is responsible for attracting and retaining people, designing effective organisational structures and processes, creating a high performing culture and developing the leadership to deliver on the strategic objectives of the company.
HR only adds value if it is able to combine a deep insight in your business with insight in what motivates people to perform and stay with your company. For this reason your HR function should sit at the heart of your business as they are creating the framework in which they support your line managers to maximise the performance of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

HR Solutions


Paramount for every HR strategy is for it to be embedded and based on your business strategy. Your HR strategy should identify and evaluate your areas of competitive advantage through the development of human resources and organisational capabilities.
Our team has extensive experience in developing and deploying a business linked HR strategy and we use the Brockbank Strategy Development methodology in our assignments.
This approach consist of 7 steps: Step 1: Detailed understanding of your business context and
your strategic direction. Step 2: Map the environmental trends for your business. Step 3: Identify the sources of competitive advantage for the
organisation. Step 4: Define the supporting organisational characteristics. Step 5: Align the HR practices. Step 6: Action plan. Step 7: Measure the results.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU We can help you translate your strategic business objectives and assess the impact of HR trends on your future business direction into business focused HR objectives and strategy.
We will help you establish standards and performance targets for key human resource deliverables. We will monitor and adjust your Human Resource strategy to produce desired results;
We will help you determine the resources required and develop a HR implementation roadmap and can guide your team during the implementation of the roadmap. people4


Translating your HR strategy into the right HR structure,
processes and policies is where your strategy comes to life and where it is tested. The HR strategy is implemented
through your HR organisation, capabilities, processes and policies.


HR Organization: Is the HR team organized to support the delivery of the HR strategy? How is it structured, what experiences does the team possess and does your HR information system provide you with up-to-date and relevant information? HR Capabilities: Does the HR team have the internal capabilities to deliver on the HR strategy? HR Processes: Do the HR processes deliver on the HR strategy; does it attract, retain and maximize the performance and potential of employees? HR Policies: Does your organisation have the HR policies that support a high performance culture?

WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU We can help you identify the HR structure and capabilities you need to deliver on your HR strategy. With the use
of the Dave Ulrich model we help to identify what role you want your HR team members to play and if deemed
necessary we can help equip them with the right skills. people6 We can assist you in developing HR processes, standard operating procedures, tools, systems and HR policies that support the delivery of your business objectives. Putting people at the heart of your organisation and helping your line managers to get the best out of their people and team.


HR talent is scarce and HR executives have a wide variety of career options to choose from. As a result, finding, attracting and retaining the right HR talent is not easy.
Often you don’t need a top HR executive to be part of your organisation on a full-time basis. You most likely need
such expertise either at specific important moments in the year or at a number of hours a week.
Engage Consulting can provide you with the right HR resources in the right amount of time without you having to worry about attracting, retaining, or developing them.
Whether you are looking for regular advise from a top HR expert, want a strategic HR business partner to help your junior HR team lead and implement your HR strategy or whether you want to focus on your core activities and outsource specific HR activities to an outside service provider, Engage Consulting can provide this to you. people17
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU As you would do with legal or financial advisors our top HR experts can provide you with HR Advisory Services on call when you need them. Services can range from Leadership and Management Development, Coaching, Strategic Alignment, People Matters, or Benchmark Practices in contemporary management.
We can also provide you with HR resources to lead the implementation of your HR strategy, development of your HR infrastructure and run your HR department for you. We will do this in the most efficient manner, saving you not only the trouble of employing your own HR manager but also saving you money by doing it in a time efficient manner and employing the right level of resource for the right tasks.
On top of that we can take complete ownership of one of your HR processes. Whether this is recruitment outsourcing, running a specific department or activity or running your complete HR department, our team has the expertise and experience to run, improve and add value to your business processes. We deliver on our mutual agreed service standards and provide you with peace of mind to focus on things that are really important to grow your business.


In order to move towards any desired state it is a requisite to assess your starting point. An objective assessment of the effectiveness of your organisation and your HR
function is crucial to determine your current reality.
Organization Diagnostics will provide you with concrete data on current people related issues prevailing in the
organization. Recommendations and Roadmaps will provide the way forward in order to overcome and deliver sustainable action plans.
An HR Audit comprehensively measures your HR Function and practices against industry and contemporary best practices. Capabilities of the current HR staff are also reviewed and assessment provided for improvement in this area. people3
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Using our diagnostic tool we can assess your current organisational effectiveness and HR capabilities and assess them against your business needs. We will provide you with a clear roadmap on how you can move from your current state to the desired end state.
Through a number of different diagnostic techniques and tools we will be asking you questions such as:

  • What is the vision of the organisation?
  • What are the top 3 strategic priorities for the organisation?
  • What will be the growth drivers in 5 years time
  • What are the key strengths of the organisation and what would you consider as the organisation’s Achilles heel?
  • What capabilities are required to be successful in the future?
  • How would you describe the effectiveness of the leadership team?
  • How would you describe the team work between different departments?
  • How would you describe your culture in the organisation?
  • How would you rate your HR processes?
  • What HR practices do you regard as leading edge in the organisation?

Following the diagnostic phase we will we partner with you to translate the business needs and insights into solutions that add value and are sustainable and subsequently draft an implementation road map and recommendations on how to move toward the desired state.

Talent Solutions


Through globalisation the competitive playing field for
companies has been levelled. Almost every company in the world, from Chile to China, now has similar access to technology, information and even capital.
Across the board companies determine that they have pushed reengineering and automation as hard as they can. Now they must raise productivity by engaging their organisations and managing their talent better. The one competitive advantage leaders worldwide believe is going to make the difference between a great company and its imitators is people.
Attracting and retaining talent is seen by 75% of CEO’s as their number one priority. And as the competition for talent increases, the resulting wage inflation will place additional strain on organisations.
Engaging and retaining Talent and building a High Performance company is as a result, the ‘holy grail’ for CEO’s and HR professionals alike.



The most tell tale sign that being an employer of choice is gaining importance, is the move towards ‘Employee Branding’ as a business strategy. Building an employment brand is similar to the branding practices used in marketing. The idea is to develop an image of your company such that it makes them want to work for you because you treat employees fairly, challenge them and give them opportunities to grow.
An employer brand is an organization’s representation of its culture, values and future aspirations. It is what an organization “stands for”. Employer branding is a company’s ability to align its image with reality and is the reason behind why employees choose to work for and stay with a company. In order to gain competitive advantage an organization’s employer brand needs to be managed in a proactive manner. Clearly there are many similarities between branding your products to consumers and branding your company to employees.
Employer branding is the sum total of what employees think of an organization as an employer. To attract and retain the best employees, an employer brand should provide a clear, accurate, and compelling rationale why employees should join and stay in the organization.
An organization with a weak brand would most likely have to offer in excess of 25% extra salary to attract an employee working for a strong employer brand.
Therefore a strong employer brand acts as an exit barrier and helps retain an employee.
Employer Branding is a significant investment in knowing who you want to be, what you can offer employees and communicating this to both internal and external audiences.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU We can help you define your employee promise and translate this into an employer brand that not only gives your current employees a unifying platform but also supports you in attracting the top talent from the talent market.
Through our Talent Insight surveys we can provide you an insight into the strength of your current brand and our Employer Branding Solutions helps you translate your employer promise into an easy recognizable and communicable form, which can then be used in your communication strategy inside as well as outside the organisation. people8


I’ve been blessed to find people who are smarter than I am, and they help me to execute the vision I have.
Russell Simmons – founder Def Jam record label

Jim Collins asserts that the first step in building Great
Companies is to get the right people on the bus. Does your organisation have the right leadership team? Executives not only with the right experience and technical skills to add value to your company but also with the leadership skills that motivates people to extraordinary performance.
At Engage Consulting we approach each search assignment with a rigorous, systematic process that is applied diligently to the recruitment of executive-level candidates. The process ensures the most optimal fit and our recruitment team works very closely with clients, every step of the way, to understand the culture of their organization, unique requirements, and long-term goals and objectives. We guarantee the best long-term fit for your organization.

WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Engage Consulting can help you identify the right executive level talent for your organisation. We will promote your company’s employer brand to the talent market and ensure that you only have to interview candidates that have already passed an extensive screening process with Engage Consulting.
Candidates that have requested us to represent him or her in the talent market can count on the highest level of confidentiality and it goes without saying that no candidate is being introduced to any client without his/her consent.
We are acutely aware of the fact that we have a responsibility to both the client and the candidate.
In doing so we will display the highest levels of professionalism, confidentiality and integrity.



people10 In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, organisations are ever more aware of the need for leaders whose capabilities, attitudes, and behaviors align with and support the organisation’s specific business objectives. Research reveals that it is critical for organisations to establish effective competency models that will allow then to successfully identify and nurture leadership within the company. In a study of 110 European companies, it was found that companies with above average financial returns are those that are committed to developing future leaders.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU We have the capability to develop for your organisation a customized competency model that various subsections of your employees should exhibit in order to be successful in their specific job functions and to propel the company towards greater growth and development.
Building your talent by utilizing this tool will help you:

  • To accurately assess leadership capability.
  • To develop talent within the organization by equipping individuals with behaviours and values to become successful leaders.
  • To select and place leaders into key positions.

Our competency development toolkit contains practical suggestions and activities to guide employee progression from one level to a higher level of development for each competency. Our experience shows that competency-driven workforce planning enables companies to effectively execute future business strategy, identifies employees’ areas of weakness, and employs targeted, proactive interventions.

An Individual Development Plan is a uniquely tailored action plan that contains development activities aimed at enhancing one’s proficiency in specific knowledge areas, skills and competencies to meet established goals.
An individual development plan is not a list of training courses an individual needs to pursue. We strongly believe that effective development takes place on the job and to a lesser extent in the classroom.
Charles Jennings, Global Head of Learning for Reuters states that “formal training is less effective as the amount of information increases and its shelf life becomes shorter.” He calls this the 70:20:10 rule.
“About 70 per cent of organisational learning takes place on the job, through solving problems and through special assignments and other day-to-day activities.
“Another 20 per cent occurs through drawing on the knowledge of others in the workplace, from informal learning, from coaching and mentoring, and from support and direction from managers and colleagues.
Only 10 per cent occurs through formal learning, whether classroom, workshop or, more recently, e-learning.
“But most organisations invest at least 80 per cent of their training budgets in formal learning, where little of the learning takes place. And formal learning is also generally less effective than informal learning.”
This is being vetted through research done by David Souza. He found that the retention of information after 24 hours of training by each of the following methods is: people11 WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU We can create customized development plans for each employee by following a 6-step process to help guide you through your development program. Step 1: Gather Feedback > Step 2: Select Competencies > Step 3: Select Activities > Step 4: Develop the Plan > Step 5: Implement the Plan > Step 6: Assess Level We will make sure that your individual development plan uses multiple learning sources and ensures that the learner is actively engaged in his / her learning and applies it back on the job.


There are many myths surrounding executive coaching: Myth 1: Successful people don’t need coaches. Myth 2: I am getting all the feedback I can possibly use now. Myth 3: Executive Coaching is the same as counseling. Myth 4: Executive Coaching should be reserved for last-ditch
efforts to fix problems. Myth 5: There is no way to measure the outcomes of executive coaching.
If you believe that any of these myths are true, think again. Athletes and artists alike believe that in order to stay on top of their game they need a great coach who can stimulate them to be the best they can be. Executive coaching aims to achieve the same understanding. It is a confidential, one-on-one partnership between an executive and a qualified coach to achieve mutually agreed results. The coach will inspire, motivate, provide insights, support, give ideas, and cajole the executive to achieve his coaching objectives. Our executive coaches have life long leadership and business experience that provide you with personalised coaching sessions aimed to solve organizational and individual needs and challenges.
You should expect from a successful coaching engagement:

  • Increased personal effectiveness of the executive.
  • Retention of your key executives.
  • Improved top team effectiveness.
  • Improved performance of the direct reports of the client.

Our Executive Coaching Process delivers noticeable results using the following phases:

  • Identification of needs.
  • Matching the personal chemistry of client and coach.
  • Agreeing the coaching objectives between the organisation, ‘coachee’ and the coach.
  • Coaching discussions and interventions.
  • Measuring results.
  • Closing the coaching relationship.

people12 WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU A successful coaching engagement depends on the chemistry between the coach and client. We can offer you a variety of different coaches with experience in different industries and functions. Our coaches are flexible and creative, have a high-level business experience and integrity, possess excellent interpersonal skills and organizational insight.
We have concluded very successful coaching engagements for our clients and are confident that an executive coach can make a world of difference in the performance of your executives.


Insight Solutions4 360° feedback is a tool used in organizations to obtain feedback on an individual’s behaviour from multiple sources: boss, colleagues, direct reports, project team members, internal and external customers and suppliers.
It is most frequently used to achieve business strategy and cultural change by clarifying behaviours that are required to support this change. This survey helps to enhance individual and team performance as well as to ensure critical competencies are being developed, evaluated and rewarded.
According to research results, a successful 360° feedback program providing the most targeted feedback is one that is linked to organizational goals and competencies.
Our key tactic is to keep a developmental focus while developing the 360° content to maintain the utility and integrity of the data.
To maximize the utility of the 360-degree feedback and to ensure that it is beneficial and understood by all involved,
it is imperative to train the “raters” and the “ratees” in advance. To maximize the return on investment of the
360-degree feedback process, organizations should create accountability and actionable development plans by involving the participant’s supervisor in the process.

WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Our 360 feedback survey solution consists of a number of phases:

  • Commitment to the 360° feedback process We help you build the commitment and generate the enthusiasm for the 360° feedback process within the leadership, participants and individuals providing the feedback through presentation, briefing sessions and other communication material.
  • Design of the 360° feedback process On the basis of your strategy, objective, values and current performance criteria, we will design a questionnaire that is relevant for your organization and for the individual participants of the survey.
  • Administering 360° feedback process We will administer the 360° feedback process through our web based survey collection tool. This will ensure that the collection is being done speedily, transparently and with utmost anonymity.
  • 360° feedback reports
    Following the collection of the feedback we will write the individual 360° feedback development reports. In this report we will:

    • Explain to the participants how to interpret the report;
    • Give all the feedback results on each of the questions from each of the “rater” groups ensuring the anonymity of the “raters”;
    • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses of the individual;
    • Recommend next steps and suggestions for further development.
  • Post 360° feedback Individual development support and coaching Following the 360° feedback reports we can help
    either provide the individual or company as a whole a number of coaching and/or training interventions to guide the development of your senior managers.
    Subsequently we can then re-administer the same 360° feedback tool after 12 months to measure progress of the individuals.


Research reveals that organisations that have a high performance workforce have an effective performance management system that is fair, with well-understood performance standards and supported by a vibrant performance culture. An effective performance management system is one that is able to extract the best out of employees and enhance their performance.
A holistic and integral performance management approach will help you in:

  • Aligning the workforce with business strategic goals.
  • Clarifying performance expectations.
  • Identifying performance gaps and successes.
  • Delivering authentic feedback on performance in a timely manner and based on demonstrated examples.
  • Rewarding top performers
Our experience shows that the most important element of an outstanding performance management system is not the available tools and processes but the way individual employees and line managers are applying the available tools and creating ‘genuine’ conversations with each other. According to research, employees whose line managers provide real solutions to work problems are 43% more committed to the organization and feel 39% more closely matched with their jobs. WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Our Performance Management solution helps organisations step by step on the journey moving towards ‘living performance management’ in which performance management is part of the everyday fabric and operations of their organisation.



Research by the Corporate leadership Council shows that companies who maintain the development of HiPo employees even during economic downturns have a disproportionately higher impact on organizational success.
Performance of employees, however, is not always indicative of their potential. Statistics prove that only 29% of all high-performing employees are in fact also high-potential employees. Hence, organizations run the risk of a critical misalignment between employee performance today and the key factors needed to ensure implementation of future business growth strategy.
Research shows that HiPo employees are defifined by their higher levels of Ability, Aspiration, and Engagement.
What sets HiPo employees apart from high-performing employees is the presence of all three aspects of potential: the aspiration to succeed at the next level, full commitment to the organization and the needed skills and abilities.
Our experience shows that the mere presence of a development plan does little to improve potential.
Customized and achievable development plans are vital to increasing employee potential. Visible commitment from senior executives dramatically improves the likelihood that an employee will succeed at the next level. Our HiPo identification solutions aim at integrating HiPos’ roles with high-risk, personal leadership opportunities that accelerate learning.

people14 WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Our HiPo identification tools can help you:

  • Develop a HiPo identification process that ensures that HiPo’s are identified consistently and fairly across
    the organisation.
  • Develop a consistent HiPo identification toolkit toaccurately select HiPo executives.
  • Creating development opportunities to speed HiPo skill acquisition.

Furthermore we can help you develop a HiPo Identification Assessment Center. Assessment Centers emerge as the most effective and comprehensive tool that companies can employ to assess HiPo executives.
They provide accurate and effective feedback of potential and are perceived by employees as fair and relevant assessment tools for comparison of employees across the organisation.


A major cause of HR executives’ lack of confifidence in their succession management systems is the absence of clear ties between succession management efforts and organisational performance. The implication of this gap is a lack of focus on activities that improve leadership quality, and hence, inefficiency in recruiting, developing and managing future executive talent.
According to research findings, the main objective of succession planning – that is, the process of identifying successors for specific positions, fails to answer key questions, such as whether the designated successors have the skills and experiences required for leadership roles.
We have the capability to provide succession tools that will:
– Ensure that talent in key positions has the ability to develop and execute the company strategy.
– Accelerate the development of HiPo employees.
– Recruit and retain talent with the potential to move into key positions.

WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Our succession planning tools will enable you to:

  • Safeguard your organisation against Vacancy Risk – by focusing succession efforts on the most vulnerable and business-critical areas and planning for key talent departures.
  • Safeguard your organisation from Underdeveloped Successors – by identifying and acting on the need to provide executives with cross-organization experiences.
  • Understand new executives’ specific areas for development – by providing early feedback and identifying needed behavioral changes for on–boarding and organisational fit.
  • Establish an integrated system for managing talent – by basing succession decisions on the evolving needs of the company and aligning talent capabilities with strategic priorities.



An effective compensation strategy is a well-reasoned, actionable plan that translates a firm’s guiding principles about compensation into tactical approaches around base pay, short- and long-term incentives, and recognition awards in order to meet business objectives.
It ensures that you’re directing your compensation investments so they’ll have the greatest impact. To develop a compensation strategy to fit your business needs, it is important to start with a close examination of your business strategy, overall human capital strategy and current compensation strategy and practices.
Since compensation is just one part of the overall rewards package, you also need to keep in mind the benefits and career-related rewards that are provided to employees as part of the employment “deal.”
An effective Total Rewards strategy can deliver:

  • Improved organisational performance – helping organisations align their investment with employee
    expectations and needs, to recruit and retain high quality staff, winning their engagement by optimising motivation and morale, and thereby securing better value for money and greater productivity.
  • A better deal for employees – responding to employee preferences and values to create an environment that brings out the best in the workforce – a financial and non-financial reward package that will make existing employees want to stay with the organisation, and attract potential employees to join it.
  • Improved customer service – it has been shown that a motivated and engaged workforce delivers demonstrably higher standards of customer service.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Job Evaluations Solution Our comprehensive Job Evaluation Solution uses a holistic approach; it builds on understanding your business strategy and objectives, organization structure, and culture. It analyzes each job position in detail according to responsibility, scope and breadth. It uses a point factor scoring system that assesses each job on dimensions of qualification and skill, management breadth, accountability, decision making and problem solving.
Our Comprehensive Job Evaluation Solution includes
the following:
I. Job Analysis
II. Job Descriptions
III. Job Evaluation scoring
IV. Review and Recommend grading structure
V. Comprehensive Communication Campaign and Change Management Strategy
Valued Added Options
VI. Train the Trainer in Job evaluation methodology.
VII. Review and Revise the Salary Structure with the market.
VIII. Continuous job evaluation support in which we audit your internal job evaluation process and outcome at regular intervals.
IX. Review and Revise Organization Structure.

We also extend our assistance in the following:

  • Total Reward Statements
  • Total Reward Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Reward Recognition
  • Evaluating Total Reward Strategy
  • Alternative benefit structures
  • Total Reward Salary Surveys
  • Remuneration Restructuring
  • Pay for Performance
  • Retention Pay Schemes