Leadership Solutions

Look at successful organizations and their answers will be similar, that they couldn’t have done it without effective leadership; the great enabler that energizes an organization, allowing it to attain its full potential and make a real difference in its community.In line with the Corporate Leadership Council we view an effective leader as someone who, in connection with others, is able to accomplish three key tasks of leadership: Setting direction is the articulation of mission, vision, values and purposes. They ask key questions such as: Where are we going? What are we going to do? Why are we doing it? Building commitment involves the creation of mutual trust and accountability, including addressing questions such as: How can we stay together? How can we work better as a group? What can improve cooperation? Creating alignment is about finding common ground and areas of interrelated responsibility. Effective leaders ask: How can we develop a shared understanding of our situation? How will we get this done across the organisation?Engage Consulting has had the pleasure of working with many distinguished leaders; leaders that were able to align people aspirations with their dreams, that were remarkable in picking the right people, or had an inspiring ability to focus everyone’s attention on executing a given strategy. These hands on experiences combined with the latest thinking and insights from our own and international research has helped us design a number of leadership solutions that will help you create, attract, develop, engage, organize, implement, value, grow and achieve your goals.


A company’s vision is their articulation of a specific
dream. It shapes business decisions, generates customer
loyalty, inspires people and galvanizes them to go
the extra mile. A compelling corporate purpose gives
people a reason to get up in the morning with a smile
and go to work to give their best. It helps make sense of
why you are doing what you are doing.However, an inspiring vision is only one side of the coin.
The other side is about the way you go about achieving
it, the values and principles that define your company
and set you apart from others. It guides people and
influences business decisions as the organization delivers
on its commitment to all its stakeholders.It is not easy to integrate a commitment to uphold
values and at the same time be focused on delivering
your business results. Great companies are able to do
both. Their leaders model the values and are able to
communicate the values into practical examples of
decisions and behavior.Our experience learns that an organisation can only be
principle based if values are:

  • Carried out by its leaders
  • Integrated into everyday activities and behaviors
  • Relevant and credible to all employees
  • Evolutionary and sustainable into the future

Core values result from looking inward. You can’t do it
without debate and neither can you get a copywriter to
draft them for you. It’s ‘an organic’ process. It can’t be
designed, created, driven or implemented. Cultivating
a values based culture is something that takes time and
commitment. It can be compared with gardening, in
which you plant seedlings that need to grow through
continuous nurturing, pruning and support.

Developing a vision and identifying your core principles
is only one part of the story. What makes this an even
bigger leadership challenge is to develop a vision and
values that is not only yours but is shared by everybody.
A vision that inspires all your employees and is not just a
plaque on the wall. Values that your team is able to live
each and everyday and has become part of the fabric
of the organization.

WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Engage Consulting has significant experience in helping
leaders and their teams develop an inspirational vision
and values that captures the essence of what you want
to achieve in a manner that is easy to communicate
and inspires people to want to be part of your journey. right_side_img2 We can help you (re-)define the culture you require to deliver on your strategic objectives by:

  • Diagnosing and measuring your cultural strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identifying your vision and values through a two-way process combining grass root level feedback with strategic direction from its leaders;
  • Building commitment from the top team in ‘leading the vision and values’ across the organization;
  • Introducing the values in the organisation and equipping line managers to communicate, model and inspire their teams on the vision, live the values and deliver your strategy; and
  • Integrating your vision and values into the fabric of the organisation at both an individual and organisational level.


The key to a good strategy is not only in its brilliance or
in its intentions on paper but lies especially in its ability
to get executed flawlessly. Setting the right direction,
building commitment for it and aligning the company
around it are the hallmarks of a good strategic process.Getting the top team committed and involved is one
thing, ensuring that everybody from the executive to the
receptionist understands the company’s overall business
strategy, understands how they contribute to achieving
key business objectives and know how the company
is doing relative to strategic business objectives is of a
completely different magnitude.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Our consultants have worked in executive positions and have been involved in numerous strategy development and deployment processes. We can help you:Design, organise and facilitate a strategy development
session for your organisation in which we help people
reflect on the past, dream about the future, define
the strategy to get there and make tough resource

  • Design, organize and facilitate a strategy development session for your organization in which we help people reflect on the past, imagine the future, define the strategy to get there and make tough resource choices;
  • Distill your business strategy into a simple but comprehensive one pager, equipping you with all the tools to communicate your strategy to your organization;
  • Align your organisation behind the strategy, helping translate the organisational objectives into team and individual targets;
  • Keep you on track and measure the progress on your execution journey.
A strategy development process should consist of 3 phases:
1. Reflection and visioning
2. Experimentation and exploration
3. Selection and allocationIn each phase it is important to be as inclusive as possible to ensure to tap the collective wisdom of the organisation as well as create strong buy-in to the strategy.We don’t believe in a long and drawn out strategy presentation that loses its function halfway through. In our view, your strategy should be able to fit on a single A4 page and we can help you do this.


According to a McKinsey study, only 20% of executives believe that the team to which they belong is a high-performing team, with 65% of the same executives stating that trust was a prominent issue for the team.
Creating a high performing top team that is intellectually aligned and emotionally committed to the strategic agenda, who challenge each other behind closed doors but speaks in one voice in public, and is committed not only to the organisational success but also to each other’s individual success is an imperative for an organisation to deliver outstanding results on a sustained basis.
Engage Consulting has developed an approach that focuses on building a high performance team through having clear direction and alignment, high levels of emotional commitment, openness and trust, and a strong external focus. The Leadership Journey Program, facilitates top teams to articulate and rally around a common growth agenda for the company, defining a shared vision and goal, agreeing on key strategic priorities and discussing how the top team needs to work together to achieve this growth vision.
The Leadership Journey combines an intellectual journey of determining the company’s growth agenda and an emotional journey of building commitment to this plan -creating an environment where emotions are allowed to be expressed and dialogue is encouraged.Your team will start working for each other rather then with each other.
Subsequently the Top Team can use the growth agenda to engage and align the whole organisation behind the same vision and goals.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU An outsider can’t build a high performing Top Team for you. It requires willpower from the CEO and the desire of the whole team to collectively work at becoming a high performing team. Engage Consulting will work ‘behind the scenes’, providing support to the CEO, designing and facilitating interventions and coaching top team members, for them to grow.
A pre-requisite for a high performing top team is to have the right people on the bus and subsequently in the right seats. We can help you assess the bench strength and structure of your top team and on the basis of substantial experience in selecting and developing executives as well as leading and facilitating top teams, make recommendations to further enhance the strength of your leadership team. HIGH PERFORMING TOP TEAMS


“I’ve been blessed to find people who are smarter than I
am, and they help me to execute the vision I have.”
Russell Simmons – founder Def Jam record label
Jim Collins asserts that the first step in building Great Companies is to get the right people on the bus. Does your organization have the right leadership team? Executives with not only the right experience and technical skills to add value to your company, but also with the leadership skills that motivate people to extraordinary performance.
At Engage Consulting we approach each search assignment with a rigorous, systematic process that is applied diligently to the recruitment of executive-level candidates. The process ensures the most optimal fit and our recruitment team works very closely with clients, every step of the way, to understand the culture of their organization, its unique requirements, and long-term goals and objectives.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Engage Consulting can help you identify the right executive level talent for your organisation. We will promote your company’s employer brand to the talent market and ensure that you only have to interview candidates that have already passed an extensive screening process with Engage Consulting.
Candidates that have requested us to represent him or her in the talent market can count on the highest level of confidentiality and it goes without saying that no candidate is being introduced to any client without his/her consent.
We are aware of the fact that we have a responsibility to both the client and the candidate. In doing so we display the highest levels of professionalism, confidentiality and integrity.



There are many myths surrounding executive coaching: Myth 1: Successful people don’t need coaches. Myth 2: I am getting all the feedback I can possibly use now. Myth 3: Executive Coaching is the same as counseling. Myth 4: Executive Coaching should be reserved for last-ditch
efforts to fix problems. Myth 5: There is no way to measure the outcomes of executive
If you believe that any of these myths are true, think
again. Athletes and artists alike believe that in order to
stay on top of their game they need a great coach who
can stimulate them to be the best they can be. Executive
coaching aims to achieve the same understanding. It
is a confidential, one-on-one partnership between an
executive and a qualified coach to achieve mutually
agreed results. The coach will inspire, motivate, provide
insights, support, give ideas, and cajole the executive to
achieve his coaching objectives.
Our executive coaches have life long leadership and
business experience that provide you with personalised
coaching sessions aimed to solve organizational and
individual needs and challenges.
You should expect from a successful coaching

  • Increased personal effectiveness of the executive.
  • Retention of your key executives./li>
  • Improved top team effectiveness.
  • Improved performance of the direct reports of the client.

Our Executive Coaching Process delivers noticeable results using the following phases:

  • Identification of needs.
  • Matching the personal chemistry of client and coach.
  • Agreeing the coaching objectives between the organisation, ‘coachee’ and the coach.
  • Coaching discussions and interventions.
  • Measuring results.
  • Closing the coaching relationship.

EXECUTIVE COACHING WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU A successful coaching engagement depends on the
chemistry between the coach and client. We can offer
you a variety of different coaches with experience
in different industries and functions. Our coaches
are flexible and creative, have a high-level business
experience and integrity, possess excellent interpersonal
skills and organizational insight.
We have concluded very successful coaching
engagements for our clients and are confident that an
executive coach can make a world of difference in the
performance of your executives.


When a company is teetering on the brink of ruin, most
leaders revamp strategy, shift around staff and root out
inefficiencies. Then they wait patiently for the pay-off,
only to suffer bitter disappointment as the expected
improvements fail to materialize.
In transformations, even more so than in strategy
execution, the involvement and alignment of all
stakeholders is absolutely crucial, as any transformation
requires people to change their current way of doing
business and adapting deeply engrained behaviors.
And, for most of us, changing our behaviours isn’t easy.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Using a live transformation project, Engage Consulting can train your in-house change agents in effectively using the Change Acceleration Process.
If you don’t have the required expertise in house,
we can also appoint one of our consultants as your
‘transformation manager’ guiding and managing your
transformation process to its successful completion.
CHANGE ACCELERATION PROCESS To help you transform your company we use a simple but comprehensive model that guides you through each of the change management phases. The Change Acceleration Process was originally developed by GE and has been used in many companies around the world to successfully manage their change and transformation process.Senior consultants at Engage Consulting are trained and have used the Change Acceleration Process in many different companies and circumstances with extra-ordinary results.