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Over the last few years the Engage Consulting Team have prided itself in developing a unique and core expertise in conducting research and detailed and customized surveys. These surveys are the most effective way of soliciting objective and unbiased feedback from (potential) employees on different topics and issues. Insight Solutions1


People are the key to success in today’s highly competitive global economy. There is a substantial and rapidly expanding body of evidence that speaks to the strong connection between employee perceptions (the people), organizational functioning (the processes) and
the economic results achieved (the performance).
Organizations that adopt ‘people centered’ practices can see immediate effects that can be translated into a markedly improved competitive advantage.
Employee Engagement Surveys are strategic business tools that effectively contribute to your bottom line. The survey results can be used to increase an employee’s level of commitment, alignment and sense of belonging to the organisation.
The paradox is that investment in tools to enhance organizational culture and functioning seems unnecessary when business is good and they hardly seem prudent when business is slow. Yet not only can such survey results guide revisions to business practice, enhancing efficiencies and profitability, they aid companies by acknowledging and acting upon the views of the organization’s population, imbue employees with a sense of recognition, value and ownership.
Engage Consulting can provide you with:
  • Benchmark Data – We will provide you with benchmark data for over 6000 data points, across industry for statistical analysis to focus executives and managers at all levels on the most significant findings.
  • Specialized Consultants – We are a team of consultants specialized in providing HR solutions. This greatly benefits in developing business solutions for the issues your data reveals.
  • Research Based Models – Our Engagement model and conceptual / theoretical basis of the survey is based on the research conducted by the Corporate Leadership Council which is supported by extensive research over the years.
  • Detailed Results – Results are delivered in a detailed and comprehensive report, with a maximum of 5 data cuts of your choice and a presentation to your Executive Management.
ENGAGEMENT MODEL Our experience combined with extensive global research studies has led us to develop an engagement model in which a sense of belonging, combined with an alignment with the strategic direction and an opportunity to grow with the company, leads to a high level of engagement along with a willingness to go the extra mile and remain with the organization.
Insight Solutions2


Insight Solutions3 Our Talent Insight Surveys give you an opportunity to
understand how talent in andoutside your organization
views your company. It allows you to recognise what
talent finds important in selecting a company, why the
leave your organization for another and how you
compare to your competitors in the talent market.
Our Talent Insight Surveys also contributes to valuable
research on employee engagement, student preferences
and talent management in Pakistan.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Most Preferred Employer – The most preferred employer
study designates an organization as the first choice of
employment for potential graduates in Pakistan. It is
the employer that is recognized for its organizational
stability, development opportunities, compensation,
leadership, culture and best practices that attract,
develop and retain talent. We conduct this study to
help organizations further understand the link between
the desire of wanting to create a better place to work
and organizations that have been able to deliver such a
work environment.
The Most Preferred Employer study presents an analysis
of more than 1000 graduate respondents and is
able to encompass up to 75 organizations in Pakistan
to understand the different elements of what drives
bachelors and master graduates to choose one
employer over another.
Best Place To Work – The results of this survey are unique
in that they can provide companies with an insight
to the Engagement Levels of their employees and
compare their own scores with the Best Place to Work
companies in Pakistan. It allows companies to clearly
identify specific areas for improvement and gauge their
standing in comparison with the scores of their closest
Talent Barometer – A barometer gauges the pressure
of the atmosphere indicating an area of high or low
pressure. The Talent Barometer aims to do the same for
the job market. It measures whether the opportunities for
talent is entering a period of high pressure (more career
opportunities) or low pressure (less career opportunities).
The data also gives insight into the turbulence in the
market to determine which industries, functions and
executive levels are ‘heating up’ or ‘cooling down’.


Insight Solutions4 360° feedback is a tool used in organizations to obtain
feedback on an individual’s behaviour from multiple
sources: boss, colleagues, direct reports, project team
members, internal and external customers and suppliers.
It is most frequently used to achieve business strategy
and cultural change by clarifying behaviours that are
required to support this change. This survey helps to
enhance individual and team performance as well as
to ensure critical competencies are being developed,
evaluated and rewarded.
According to research results, a successful 360° feedback
program providing the most targeted feedback is one
that is linked to organizational goals and competencies.
Our key tactic is to keep a developmental focus while
developing the 360° content to maintain the utility and
integrity of the data.
To maximize the utility of the 360-degree feedback and to
ensure that it is beneficial and understood by all involved,
it is imperative to train the “raters” and the “ratees” in
advance. To maximize the return on investment of the
360-degree feedback process, organizations should
create accountability and actionable development
plans by involving the participant’s supervisor in the
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Our 360 feedback survey solution consists of a number
of phases:

  • Commitment to the 360° feedback process We help you build the commitment and generate
    the enthusiasm for the 360° feedback process within the leadership, participants and individuals providing
    the feedback through presentation, briefing sessions and other communication material.
  • Design of the 360° feedback process On the basis of your strategy, objective, values and current performance criteria, we will design a questionnaire that is relevant for your organization and for the individual participants of the survey.
  • Administering 360° feedback process We will administer the 360° feedback process through our web based survey collection tool. This will ensure that the collection is being done speedily, transparently and with utmost anonymity.
  • 360° feedback reports
    Following the collection of the feedback we will write the individual 360° feedback development reports. In this report we will:

    • Explain to the participants how to interpret the report;
    • Give all the feedback results on each of the questions from each of the “rater” groups ensuring
      the anonymity of the “raters”;
    • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses of the individual;
    • Recommend next steps and suggestions for further development.
  • Post 360° feedback Individual development support
    and coaching
    Following the 360° feedback reports we can help either provide the individual or company as a whole a number of coaching and/or training interventions to guide the development of your senior managers.
    Subsequently we can then re-administer the same 360° feedback tool after 12 months to measure progress of the individuals.


Insight Solutions5 The diagnostic tool is designed to provide critical insight
into an organization’s current state of readiness for
implementation of talent management services, such
as competency management, workforce planning and
analytics, position management, talent polls and profiles,
hiring and selection, performance management,
succession planning, training and development,
compensation planning, reward strategy, long term
benefits, retention etc.
WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU Using our diagnostic tools we can assess your current HR capabilities and assess them against your business needs. We will provide you with a clear roadmap on how you can move from your current state to your desired state.
Our HR Diagnostic solution uses a combination of different techniques and approaches. We Discover, Design and Deliver according to the needs of your company.

  • In the Discovery Phase we use the following techniques to gain business insights, assess your HR capabilities and determine your business needs.
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Face-2-face interviews
    • Benchmark studies
    • Discovery workshops
    • Process and system reviews
    • Assess key performance indicators
  • During the Design Phase we partner with the client to translate the business needs and insights into solutions that add value and are sustainable.
  • In the Delivery Phase we will draft an implementation road map and recommendations on how to move
    toward the desired HR state.


Insight Solutions6 An effective compensation strategy is a well-reasoned,
actionable plan that translates a firm’s guiding principles
about compensation into tactical approaches around
base pay, short and long-term incentives, and
recognition awards in order to meet business objectives.
It ensures that you’re directing your compensation
investments so they’ll have the greatest impact.
An important component of your total reward strategy
is of course how your are positioned versus comparable
companies. Do you want to be the top payer in your
segment or do you intend to engage and motivate
people through other sources allowing you to lower your
total reward costs.

WHAT ENGAGE CONSULTING CAN DO FOR YOU We can either execute an individual or syndicated Total Reward Survey for your organisation. We will provide you with:

  • Valid and up-to-date remuneration data analysis of all other chosen companies
  • Salary ranges and benefits for all your job levels.
  • A solid basis for Total Reward decisions so that you can attract and retain quality staff
  • Your market pay position within the comparative group
  • Insights on engagement factors such as training and development, career and growth opportunities, work life balance and performance and recognition practices in the FMCG sector

Our Total Reward Survey consists of three phases: Strategic & Planning Phase: involves gaining business insights, the assessment of capabilities and current situation, gathering views and feedback from stakeholders and determining business needs . Execute, Document and Analysis Phase: customize survey data form, data collection, data auditing, data entry, data benchmarking and data analysis. Reporting Phase: deliver organisation specific survey report and present implications of the reward survey results for your organisation.