Executive Search Solutions

Engage Consulting’s executive search process is a rigorous and systematic approach to finding top-level talent for our clients. This process ensures the most optimal fit for both the client and the candidate.

Engage Consulting has a Developed a Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines, which help member firms comply with the highest of standards. Such is the nature of executive search and the importance that it can have on the success of organizations and individuals. These guidelines are fundamental to the reputation and credibility of Executive Search.



What Engage Consulting can do for you?

We provide expert advice on search strategy, selection, and offer negotiations. Engage Consulting offers three services where Executive Search is concerned:

Retained Search

Working with clients to recruit their senior level executive positions (Director, VP, C-Suite). Engage Consulting brings industry specific expertise and unique insight to the organization’s leadership needs. We will assess the organization and the role, review the organization’s internal bench strength (including possible internal candidates for the role) and survey the broader market in pursuit of the best candidate for the job.


This is used for positions, which are not time critical for the client. Engage Consulting has a strong database of candidates, which is used to highlight individuals as per the client’s needs. Working together with our partners and affiliates located throughout the Asia region we Present you with a short-list of candidates for your company, interview the selected candidates and assist in negotiating a contract with respect to wages, bonuses, government regulations, and other compensation issues to get your new hire on board.


We provide interim executive solutions. Supplying the highest caliber senior management in short-term appointments around the world. Our executive searches are done according to the criteria of; professional qualifications, language fluency, reliability, professionalism, honesty, and integrity along with any additional requirements from the employer.

What Engage Consulting Does For You.

The details of the recruitment and interview process are precise and laid out in a step-by-step design element as to ensure that both the client and the candidate are getting the best from our executive search department.



STEP 1: Client Meeting

  • Position profile developed and source environment defined.
  • We learn the personality of the client.
  • Meet hiring manager and all others that are actively involved in the hiring process.
  • Once terms and conditions are agreed upon, the search formally commences.

STEP 2: Candidate Identification

  • Network/Sourcing, database search with custom research.
  • Research strategy and source environment defined, telephone “pitch” defined, recruit email developed, database search for similar candidates.
  • We identify between 50 to 75 candidates for each search.

STEP 3: Telephone Interviews

  • The client’s value proposition as an employer is communicated in a compelling manner that piques the candidate’s interest by describing the company a year on from now with him/her as an integral part. (Selling the candidate on the hiring company is crucial in securing top talent in a competitive environment.)
  • Build trust with the candidate from the initial contact. It is imperative to be objective in identifying concerns that a candidate may have with the position relative to his/her background and/or career objective. (Establishing trust pays huge dividends during remuneration negotiations.)
  • We endeavor to telephone interview 90% of candidates that are initially identified for the search.

STEP 4: Personal Interview

  • Candidate is interviewed with insightful, in-depth questions.
  • Understanding of candidate’s qualities.
  • We look to interview between 5 and 8 candidates for each search.


STEP 5: Client Interviews

  • Candidate summary provides valuable information about the candidate that goes beyond their credentials. Helps the client really “know” the candidate and understand why the person is right for the job, including the “tone” of their communication, the “temperature” of the candidate in terms of interest in the position, and anything that would prevent them from accepting an offer.
  • Reference checking begins early in the process and requires in-depth, thoughtful questioning. Great recruiters are great private investigators!
  • Candidate authored resume.
  • Clients typically interview 3-5 candidates for each search.

STEP 6: Compensation Negotiation

  • We discuss the client badget and candidates expectations to make a mutual package agreement benefiting both parties.

STEP 7: Offer Acceptance

  • Decide candidate start date