Women@Work Report 2013


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Engage Women in collaboration with Pepsico launched the first ever corporate gender diversity study in Pakistan in May 2013 and is now proud to announce its completion! This study was launched to (1) gain insights into the factors that are important to women (2) identify best practices and (3) capture statistics on female participation in leading companies in Pakistan. More than 1000 female employees from 14 leading corporations in Pakistan participated in the study, making it all the more credible.

Our Women@Work Report aims at encouraging:

  • Pakistani companies to lead the way, share their success stories and pave way for women to take on executive positions in organizations
  • Pakistani companies to understand the value women can bring to organizations and to create an infrastructure which enables female talent to flourish.
  • Pakistani men not to be scared and embrace gender diversity.
  • Pakistani women not to hide behind a gender veil, to stand strong and not to be intimidated by the challenges associated with being a flag bearer.

We would like to thank Pepsico Pakistan and in particular Sadia Irfan and Zahra Hussain in enabling this study.