How Can We Help You?


  • Do you want to understand how creating a more balanced gender employee base can add value to your organisation?
  • Does your organisation want to harness the opportunity that a more diverse workforce brings but is not sure how to get started?
  • Do you want to know how you integrate diversity objectives into recruitment, development, promotion and succession planning?
  • Is your leadership team ready to embrace diversity and act as its champion?
  • How do you ready your line managers and employees to understand, embrace, implement and role model diversity?

We can help you answer these questions and embed organisational wide changes to maximise the performance and value generated from a diverse workforce. Having worked with clients across Pakistan and the Middle East for the last decade we understand the cultural intricacies of enhancing gender diversity and are able to find customized solutions that work within your organisation.

We can help you through a range of solutions:

Gender Diversity Diagnostic

We conduct detailed diversity diagnostic programs to identify the specific opportunities and challenges in creating a more gender diverse workforce.

We analysis your demographics and culture and combine this with qualitative research including focus groups, online surveys and interviews with key stakeholders to build a clear understanding of your opportunities.

Gender Diversity Business Case

To gain executive support it is imperative to identify the value of more diverse workforce. We believe that the diversity strategy has to grow from the business strategy and fit with the specific cultural context of the organisation.

On the basis of the outcome of our diagnostics we can help you build a robust and compelling diversity business case that will drive your diversity agenda and ensures that it is sustained over time.

Gender Diversity Strategy

Building on your business strategy, goals and your culture, we will help you define your gender diversity vision, an aspirational goal and translate this into a gender diversity roadmap, taking into account the specific challenges and opportunities that you have identified.

Your Gender Diversity Roadmap will include all the different components of our Engage Women Gender Diversity Model: Executive Commitment, Infrastructure, HR Systems and Processes, Organisational Support, Work-Life Balance and Flexibility, Communication and Societal Support.

Gender Diversity Policy and Processes

Based on our extensive experience in working with leading companies in women workforce participation and the insights generated from our Women@Work studies we have a wealth of knowledge and insight in effective HR policies that can facilitate gender diversity in your organisation.

We can help you design and implement specifically designed recruitment, promotion, development and success planning processes that builds a more gender balanced talent pool.

Mentoring and Coaching Female Professionals

We help individual female talent to shine. We mentor and coach female professionals in understanding the potential challenges that female leaders are confronted with and help them navigate these obstacles to maximise their potential.

We can do this through engaging female talent to enhance their leadership skills and help them make choices that will produce self assured, positive thinking.

Mentoring and Training Line Managers and Team Members

To implement an effective gender diversity program you have to be able to influence deeply held believes and biases in order to change the behaviour of line managers and team members.

We do this through leadership and awareness programs that use experiential learning and positive psychology techniques challenging traditional mindsets and engaging the ‘hearts and minds’ of managers and team members.

Gender Diversity Events and Communication

We can design, facilitate and take ownership of customized inter/intra company gender diversity initiatives or networks that you want to organize. Providing your female professionals with an opportunity to network and through specially designed communication material build an Employer Brand that highlights you as a preferred employer for female professionals.

Our Most Preferred Employer Study helped us identify which companies are the perceived employers of choice for women in Pakistan. To read more about the MPE study click here.