Engage Women

In order to tackle today’s business challenges you need the best talent you can get. No matter whether it is a man or a woman: only the best counts. Numerous studies have proven over and over again that companies with a higher proportion of women in senior management and executive positions have a significantly higher return on assets, share values and financial oversight.

In Pakistan and the Middle East the participation of women in the workforce is, according to World Bank statistics, below 30% whereas in Pakistan’s leading companies the average participation of women in corporate positions is hovering around 10% of the total workforce. This leaves a huge opportunity for companies who understand that women bring complimentary strength, are paramount to user-driven innovation and have a positive impact on the reputation of the organisation.

Engage Women, an initiative of Engage Consulting, is born out of this realization. It aims to support female talent and organisation towards enhancing gender diversity in senior management and executive positions across the region.

“From all our interviews / interactions with successful corporate female professionals we have learned that one specific characteristic stands out: they have the right attitude. They are all strong headed women who ensure that gender will never get in the way of their success. They just want to be seen as a talented employee of the organization. They usually have to work harder than men to achieve the goals they want but they take it in their stride.”

Sanober Ahmad Keijzer
Project Director


Sanober Ahmad – Keijzer has an MSc in Organizational Psychology from London School of Economics and Political Science, U.K. and a bachelors degree from Rutgers University, USA in Psychology. She has gained her professional experience from multinational companies both in Pakistan and the U.K. She is also involved in working with various NGOs alongside some of the renowned members of society.

Sanober has extensive experience in helping clients in their strategic communication and PR strategies. She led the practice of employer branding for a number of years where she was instrumental in the development of the First ever Most Preferred Employer Study followed by the Best Place to Work in Pakistan.

Sanober will be responsible for the leading all projects of Engage Women as the Project Director.